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AHK Coach Abuse Script For DotA 2 Battle pass 2019

Как скачать файлы с DepositFiles Turbobit и Яндекс Диск. Видео

1.78 kb

30.05.2019, 14:45


I’ll say right away that the script did it for itself and its screen resolution (1920x1080), so if something doesn’t work for you, correct it yourself. I will sign below all the features. If you don’t like how the script is made make yours


  • Screen resolution 1920x1080
  • DotA language must me english
  • The game should run in a window without a frame.
  • Installed AHK (link)

What to do before using:

  1. Check for compliance with the requirements above
  2. Change the path to the Steam.exe application to 53 line (for autoupdating)

After launch (by double clicking on the file)

  1. Go to the DotA (if you have not gone yet)
  2. Select game mode COACH
  3. Select Russian language for search
  4. Choose a server (South Africa or India or Dubai or whatever)
  5. Press Num 1 (number 1 on the pad) If there is no such button, change it to any on line 10

After running the script, it should start searching for the game. IF NOT starting the search means something is wrong, check again to meet the requirements above.

To restart the script (stop) press F3


  1. If a window with an invitation to the group or disconnection from the server has come out, it should close by itself.
  2. If there was an update, the dota dota should be closed and updated automatically with the steam restart.
  3. The search will automatically start even if it is interrupted.

If you have any problems or suggestions, write them in the comments to YOUTUBE under the clip with an abuse


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